The Messengers’ Kin is a fantasy epic set is a post-Renaissance apocalyptic world.   After a sorcerer who styled himself the Great Lord and Guide seized power, the realms of men slid back into a quasi-feudal system operating under his beneficence.

That sorcerer, known to his detractors as Itzaldu, has ruled with an iron fist for over four hundred years.

But, unbeknownst to him, one man of a royal line thought extinct has survived.  And when he arrives, under suspicious circumstances, in the City of Nah-nathas, a young lord guesses as the refugee’s identity.

And if he is to help that young man, the lord must give up the comforts he has enjoyed in that city’s luxurious fortress.  And may have to remove the mask under which he has hidden his true identity these past fourteen years.