Adhúil:  second youngest son of Tem-Andoigh, cousin to Tem-Árath.

Aedan:  Grandson to Queen Aráthis, deposed and imprisoned by his brother when he refused to yield the crown to him.

Agléanlai:  traditional name for Valley of the Day

Agon:  nickname for Céldochan, son of Celothan.

Aleanna:  Cook in fortress at Nah-nathas

Andar, Lord Tem-:  youngest son of Tem-Andoigh of Gléann na Méadann

Ansmacht, Lord Tem-:  older brother of Tem-Árath

Aræfnis:  mother of Céldochan, native of Fritha

Árath, Lord Tem-:  youngest son of the late Lord Amduine of Gléann na Méadann, “guest” in Nah-nathas for 14 years

Aráthis:  the Great Queen.  Although born in the city of Bochna Dair when it was capital of the Southern Kingdom, her father Ardaigan took her with him when he abdicated; she was raised not knowing her royal heritage.

Ardaigan:  Widowed Southern King who abdicated after unexpected victory at Battle of Xar Lola (Red Valley), father to Aráthis

Arderach:  Young brother of Ardaigan; became king when his brother abdicated

Bearna:  estate in North, east of Pengwir to whom its lord answers

Beorgan: nickname of Falspóg son of Fortacht, Heir of Héaldis of House of Creigin; has been watching over Céldochan and his mother

Bolsas:  Head of Guard for Nah-nathas; responsible for West Gate

Bradach, Lady:  Mother of Bróallan; Lord Bródwan’s father

Bregdan:  Member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Brenfréa:  Inn in Brenlen Hills; now serves primarily as Guard base

Broc Aylin:  Elf forest near Gléann na Méadann

Bródwan, Lord:  youngest son of Bróallan and Cailleach; current Lord of Nah-nathas

Cael Aydon:  Great Elven Forest

Cailleach, Lady:  widow of Bróallan; immediate past Lord of Nah-nathas

Calan, Lord:  Lord of Feóra

Celothan I:  Only child of Queen Aráthis to reach maturity; succeeded her as sovereign

Celothan II:  Late father of Céldochan (Agon)

Céogan:  native of Fritha, member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Clúann:  town southwest of Pengwir where, thirty-two years before outset of this story, the Great Lord’s Guard routed the Heirs of Héaldis, then defending Celothan.  Celothan died—as well as all of Beorgan’s brothers.

Cringen:  Late Lord of Feóra, Uncle to Calan

Cuichis:  Shapely scullery maid at Nah-nathas

Dark Sorcerer:  the man the Great Lord and Guide has deemed the great enemy of the people, lives isolated in his retreat at Metisar

Darung:  Friend to Agon at Teoru; married to Hyghda

Dernufa:  member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Diegis:  kitchen maid to Lord of Fréator; longtime companion of Stéaldis

Donacht, Lord Tem-:  nephew to Bródwan

Dranda:  estate in foothills of Gwandir Mountains; answers to Pengwir

Drefan:  native to Sæwda; member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Dursas:  Deputy to Bolsas; Head Guardsman for Fortress at Nah-nathas

Eachlann:  Groom working in fortress stables at Nah-nathas

Ecglar:  Fencing instructor in Great Lord’s Guard

Ertasa:  elf-woman once betrothed to Great Lord; eloped with Mægan

Ezemanty:  Dwarf craftsman, friend of wizards, skilled in swordcraft

Feóra:  estate just east of Brenlen Hills

Fifa:  Guard Captain; stationed at Nah-nathas

Finol, Lord Tem-:   son to Lord Frecwan

Formyndon:  Ancient Kingdom North of Micheln’ra River and south of Gwandir Mountains, collapsed after unexpected defeated in Battle of Brenlen Hills

Forwier:  Member of Great Lord’s guard; often worked in dungeons

Fréator:  3rd largest city in the North

Frecwan:  Lord of Teoru, estate near Pengwir

Frettol, Lord Tem-:  son to Lord Frecwan

Fritha:  town/estate in the North; Lord there answers to Nah-nathas

Gafon:  one of the youngest servants in Nah-nathas, valet to Lords Tem-Lúbair and Tem-Árath

Garclif:  Deputy to Bolsas, Heads Guardsman for East Gate at Nah-nathas

Garthrist:  King of the North; his father abdicated after losing a string of battles, crowning his son on the eve of the Battle of Brenlen Hills.  The new king’s victory in that battle led to the expansion of his realm all the way east to the Gray Mountains, encompassing the better part of the realm of Formyndon.

Gërogh:  Scribe in Nah-nathas; responsible for drafting Permissions for Lord Bródwan

Gielpha:  Late Lord of Fréator

Gléann na Méadann:  city/estate in the South

Gramhedge:  Member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Great Lord and Guide:  For 432 years, sovereign the world of men.  Called Itzaldu by his detractors

Hæsla:  wife to Reced; innkeeper at Brenfréa

Héaldis:  wife of Padrán, master of arms to King Lútáilin, nursemaid to royal household

Hithlic:  Guard Captain; stationed at Nah-nathas

Hriseht:  town in the North, destroyed after the elf-maiden Ertasa–once-resident there–eloped with the town smith Mæegen

Ioncar, Lord Tem-:  nephew to Bródwan

Iondel:  Deputy to Postúil, Underbutler at Nah-nathas

Kaksma:  Called the “Dark Messenger.” Refused to divide into masculine and feminine halves.  Waged war against siblings (the Messengers) for control of the world.  Finally defeated; was incarcerated deep in the earth.  Its prison lies directly below the Great Lord’s Citadel.

Laeátana, Lady:  Elf-born; consort to the Great Lord

Læccung:  Member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Leándara:  Widow of the late lord of Gléann na Méadann, elf-born, sister to Laeátana, consort to the Great Lord, and to Leán’jna, mother to Nerian

Lithíya:  oldest servant in fortress at Nah-nathas

Lúbair, Lord Tem-:  nephew to Lord Bródwan; grandson to Lady Cailleach

Ludgis:  Mistress of Servants at Nah-nathas

Lútáilin:  Last king of the South*; beheaded by the Great Lord

Luthcléas:  younger brother to King Lútáilin.  Helped that king win victory in Battle of Horse Plains, defected to North when his brother gave Tablets of the Destinies to Viperna, then-counselor to the king, future Great Lord and Guide

Mægan:  Smith in town of Hriseht; eloped with Ertasa

Medar, Lord Tem-:  youngest son of Lord Medwerig of Bearna

Medwerig:  Lord of Bearna

Mersca, Lady:  Wife to Lord Medwerig at Bearna

Messengers, The:  Originally referred to all those spirits created by the thought of The One when this world came into being.  Those who know about them at the time of this story refer only to the chief Twelve as Messengers, and the rest as their Attendants, given that each of the Attendants (i.e., lesser Messengers) answers to one of the Twelve.

Methlan:  Guard Messenger of the West Gate at Nah-nathas

Micheln’ra:  Great River flowing from west and draining into the Western Ocean at Bochna Dair

Milisa:  Wife of Andoigh, murdered by her sister-in-law

Molichis:  Wife of Amduine, mother of Lord Tem-Árath, died in a mysterious fall right after she murdered her sister-in-law

Nadcofa:  Member of Great Lord’s Guard, often worked in dungeons

Nah-nathas:  largest city in the North

Nerian:  Nickname for Neriánna, elf-maiden who has been resident in Nah-nathas for 14 years, betrothed to the Great Lord

Neswin:  Last king of North to hold power on the continent.  Deceived by his advisor Unferth (later revealed to be a spy for Viperna, then-counselor to King Lútáilin), bearing the Tablets of the Destinies, he crossed the Gray Mountains into enemy territory where his army was routed and he was killed at the Battle of Horse Plains.  Only a handful of his men survived to report the rout.

Neti:  sorceress who lives somewhere between Brenlen Hills and the Gray Mountains

Nicerías: great sea monsters created by Kaksma in his battle against the Messengers.  Those who survived the great battle at the dawn of recorded history were put to sleep in the ocean depths.

Nithlaf:  Guard Captain stationed at Brenfréa

Padrán:  husband to Héaldis; also a common name for male Heirs of Héaldis

Pengwir:  second largest city in the North; ancient capital of realm of Formyndon

Postúil:  Head Butler at Nah-nathas

Reced:  Innkeeper at Brenfréa

Ryderach:  younger brother of Aedan; grandson to Queen Aráthis.   Overthrew his brother and replaced him as king.   All his children predeceased him.  At his death, the crown passed to his nephew.

Scrindis:  Woman of the North, often rode with the Guard

Selward:  Lord Bródwan’s personal messenger

Sneda:  Woman of the North, often rode with the Guard

Stéaldis:  third youngest daughter of the Great Lord, chaperone to Nerian; formerly chaperone to Lady Laeátana, consort to the Great Lord

Téandis:  younger sister to Aræfnis; housekeeper to Lord Lyswen at Fritha

Tem-:  Prefix applied to the name of the children and grandchildren of lords.  One refers to them in general as Tem-Lords, but Tem-Lord is never used as a title, such that we would say that Árath is a tem-lord, known to those in Nah-nathas as Lord Tem-Árath.  One would never call him Tem-Lord Árath in direct address.

Teoru:  Estate near Pengwir

Valley of the Day:  Heart of the Southern kingdom, location of long-since destroyed City of Cadros, Queen Aráthis’s favorite city.  Often called her city.

Wacian:  Member of the Great Lord’s Guard

Zirijana:  Third eldest sorceress, after Neti and Ecrice.  Killed by a dragon.

NB:  a name in bold indicates that the individual or place of some significance to this story.  Names in italics refer to characters who died before Neti smelled a dragon.

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